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Italian province orders DNA tests for all dogs to trace and fine owners in poo crackdown |

Ειδήσεις Ελλάδα

Dog owners in an Italian province are being forced to proe a sample of their pets’ DNA as officials try to tackle the scourge of dog mess on the streets.

The provincial government of Bolzano city and surrounding towns in the picturesque Dolomites region is setting up a database for the almost 40,000 dogs in the area, veterinary department director Paolo Zambotto said.

Around 10,000 have already been registered and, once up and running, the plan means abandoned poop can be genetically tested and traced back to a dog, whose owner could be fined anywhere between 50 and 500 euros (£42-£430).

Bolzano is the capital city of the South Tyrol province in northern Italy in the picturesque Dolomites region

Any owners refusing to comply could be fined between 292 and 1,048 euros (£250-£900).

Mr Zambotto said: “Bolzano receives a few hundred complaints a year from citizens about improper management of public land. More than half are for dogs.

“Law enforcement could only catch three or four of them because they have to go there and set up some kind of stakeout.”

DNA registration will become compulsory from around late March.

Owners will be expected to have blood tests for their dogs, in municipal dog shelters or vet clinics, at a cost ranging from 65 to more than 100 euros (£56-£86).

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The cost of implementing the tests will come out the income from fines, under the scheme.

Bolzano, a mountainous province near Austria, has wide autonomy in making its rules.

Mr Zambotto said other Italian cities had been in touch to potentially replicate the law, which doesn’t apply to tourists and non-residents.



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