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Ethniki Insurance announces new organizational structure and recruitment plans

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Ethniki Insurance is launching a radical organizational restructuring, with significant changes in its staff. These changes will be accompanied by a new commercial policy aimed at ensuring sustainable development and enhancing the company’s profitability.

In this context, the management of Ethniki Insurance will incorporate almost all of its “leased” employees in its payroll by September. Any vacancies will be filled by new staff with expertise mainly in digital marketing and digitalization in general.

More than 150 people have already left Ethniki Insurance via voluntary exit programmes, of which 117 last year and 37 this year, while 215 people are hired as “leased” employees.

According to estimates of the company’s managing director, Robert Gauci, many recruitments have already been made, estimated at 50 to 60, while the targets of Ethniki Insurance are:– To include employees with different skills than usual in the insurance market.– To give a second chance to employees of the company who were not performing well, transferring them to other departments.– To offer the possibility to employees to demonstrate their talents and skills in order to increase their productivity.As he explained, “there will be a strict evaluation of the staff. We will take quick steps to immediately adapt to the new growth model. We are building a different culture, completely changing the organization and operation structure of the company,” he added.



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