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Teacher arrested for threatening class over swastika drawings he found

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A Wisconsin middle school teacher was arrested and charged with threatening his students and their families after he found two Nazi swastikas drawn on a notebook.

Da Schroeder, 46, allegedly told the class that he would send his daughter to their homes with a baseball bat and would “go scorched earth on them,” reported WISN.

Prosecutors say that Mr Schroeder, a seventh-grade teacher at John Long Middle School in Grafton, Wisconsin, also told that class that “all Jews have guns” and that he had 17 in his basement and would “F*** them up.”

Wisconsin middle school teacher Da Schroeder was charged with threatening his students and their families after he found a Nazi swastika drawn on a notebook


The teacher, who is Jewish, is also accused of telling the students, “I wish pain on all of you and your families.”

Mr Schroeder was charged with making terrorist threats, according to the criminal complaint filed in Ozaukee County Circuit Court.

The complaint states that multiple students told investigators that their teacher was allegedly “screaming or yelling while making these statements.”

Prosecutors say that the school principal talked to Mr Schroeder about the incident and he admitted becoming enraged by the swastika and that he had threatened to “come after” the students.

Assistant District Attorney Benjamin Lindsay told the court that the teacher was escorted from the campus and that law enforcement was contacted.

Grafton police were also contacted by concerned parents and the entire class was sent home for the day.

Investigators say that the school told them that Mr Schroeder was already under investigation for “other concerning or inappropriate behaviour towards students,” and the school district had already decided his contract would not be renewed.

Mr Schroeder was taken into custody on $10,000 cash bail and must surrender all of his weapons to the Ozaukee County Sheriff’s Office before he can be released.

He is set to appear in court again in June.

The Independent reached out to the school district for comment.



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