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La Liga highlights: Ousmane Dembele scores late winner for Barcelona

Watch highlights as Ousmane Dembele scores a 90th-minute winner for Barcelona while opponents Real Valladolid receive a controversial red card.MATCH REPORT: Barcelona 1-0...

Εμφανίστηκαν τα πρώτα scores στο Geekbench και η νέα ναυαρχίδα… «πετάει»!

Οι λάτρεις των high-end συσκευών και του υψηλού performance περιμένουν πως και πως το OnePlus 9, το οποίο σίγουρα θα είναι ένα smartphone...

Scores Are Dead or Injured in Fire at Migrant Center in Yemen

CAIRO — A fire broke out Sunday in a detention center for migrants in Yemen’s capital, Sana, killing at least eight people and...

Scores of Young Men in Mozambique Said to Be Killed by Islamist Insurgents

MAPUTO, Mozambique — About 52 villagers in Mozambique’s troubled northernmost province were killed by Islamist insurgents on April 7 after they refused to...

How a prayer meeting at a French megachurch may have led to scores of coronavirus deaths

France’s health minister calls the Mulhouse gathering the “tipping point” in the country’s epidemic. ΠΗΓΗ

Numbers game – A brief history—and future—of credit scores | International

EVERY WEEKDAY Lika Koplatadze, who sells consumer loans for TBC Bank, one of Georgia’s largest, calls between 170 and 250 of her compatriots....
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