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Elections 2021: Labour insiders on Starmer, what went wrong and how to fix it

Sir Keir Starmer took charge of Labour a year ago and has faced his first challenge at the polls. ΠΗΓΗ

Arizona elections chief criticizes policies used in recount Donald Trump Republican Maricopa County Florida Democratic

In March, when it was clear that the Republican-controlled Arizona Senate planned to recount presidential votes in the state's most populous county,...

Elections 2021: How to follow the results on the BBC

Find out how to keep up to date with live election results on TV, radio, online and on social media. ΠΗΓΗ

Palestinians postpone long-awaited elections in West Bank and Gaza

Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas, lagging in the polls, blamed Israel for hindering vote in East Jerusalem. ΠΗΓΗ

London Elections 2021: Top tasks facing the next mayor

The next mayor will run a £19bn budget and head London's key institutions. ΠΗΓΗ

2021 elections: A simple guide to the Scottish, Welsh and local elections

Labour, in power since 1999, faces a challenge from the Conservatives, with other parties seeking to gain seats. The campaign has seen pledges...
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