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Evacuation of Ukrainian soldiers underway at Mariupol steel plant

Ειδήσεις Ελλάδα

Ukraine and Japan have signed an agreement on a $100 million loan intended to support Ukraine’s most vulnerable population, including those who’ve been displaced during the Russian invasion, the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance announced Monday.

The loan, which the ministry said was for 30 years and included a grace period of 10 years, is aimed to proe “budgetary support for the stabilization of the situation in Ukraine, in particular, the provision of priority social, and humanitarian expenditures, health care, support for internally displaced persons, and other priority expenditures,” according to a statement.

Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergii Marchenko said that he and the president of Japan’s International Cooperation Agency, Akihiko Tanaka, signed the loan agreement Monday in hope of supporting “the most unprotected population of Ukraine” in the aftermath of the invasion.

“The concessional loan of 13 billion yen, which is the first part of the agreed financial assistance between Ukraine and Japan, will be directed to the state budget to finance priority expenses. First of all, to support the most unprotected population of Ukraine,” Marchenko said in the statement.



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