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Delta plane skids off runway at North Carolina airport

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A Delta flight skidded off the runway at Raleigh-Durham International Airport on Friday evening. No injuries were reported in the incident, which occurred during snowfall in the area.

Delta Flight 5501, which originated in Washington DC, skidded off the runway into a muddy patch at around 9pm, the airport said in a statement.

“RDU’s airfield closed at approximately 9 pm when Delta Flight 5501 landed safely and rolled into the mud while taxiing, with no reported injuries,” the airport said.

According to local reports, 19 passengers were aboard the flight. About an hour after the incident, the airport said the runway was reopened.

“They handled it really well until obviously we stopped and we weren’t going anyplace and I looked out the window and there’s grass,” Nancy Mosser, a passenger on the flight, told CBS 17. “That’s when you realized something was wrong and then you could hear some of the pilots talking and the flight attendants.”



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